Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair

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The transmission in your car allows the optimization of driving, where the vehicle to shift between gears automatically. These gears change depending on your throttle pedal, how fast your car goes, the speed of the engine, and the load of the vehicle. Our family owned and operated auto repair shop specializes in Transmission Repair in Temecula, and we’re here to inspect, assess and repair! Usually, automatic transmissions contain about four to five forward gear ratios, which are the gears Reverse, Park, and Neutral. When the car is in Drive, the gears begin to shift automatically, making a clutch pedal, also called gear shift, such as how Manual Transmission is like, unnecessary. Due to the complicity of automatic transmission repair and all the delicate components inside, you’ll need to turn to our professionally trained technicians to properly assess your vehicle. At Rancho Auto Service and Smog, our skilled auto technicians can diagnose your vehicle and recommend and perform the needed transmission repair or service you need to ensure the safety of you and your vehicle. Contact us today to make an appointment for our transmission repair in Temecula!


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