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Oil Change

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OilChangeFor your engine to be free of potential damage, the many moving parts inside must remain properly lubricated. This is the job for the lubricating oil inside of the engine, which provides a critical service. However, over time the lubricating oil has a tendency of breaking down and becoming overrun with dirt, dust and debris. This prevents the oil from doing its job. Keep your oil and filter up to date with our oil change service in Temecula so your engine can continue to work at its best! 

The most important thing to consider when it comes to your engine’s health is when you should bring your car in for an oil change. It is usually recommended to get an oil change every 3,000 miles. There are also newer vehicles which can call for oil changes at the 7,500 mile mark under certain conditions. By switching out and upgrading your current oil to synthetic oil, you can potentially extend the length of time between future oil changes. However, the effectiveness depends on your type of car, so please note to reference your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Contact us today at 951-676-8716 to schedule your Temecula oil change today!


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Oil Change – $19.95

Smog Test – $39.95