Brake Repair

Brake Repair

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brakesThere comes a time when you may start to question the quality of your brakes. Whether it’s because of strange, disconcerting noises or because it takes more space for your vehicle to make a complete stop, it’s enough of a sign to know it’s time to bring it in for a brake inspection! Our professional technicians at Rancho Auto Service and Smog can provide skilled and reliable brake repair in Temecula!

Your brakes are a delicate and critical feature of your vehicle that is made up of many different key components. From the pedal to hydraulic brake fluid and electronic anti-lock brake sensors, our family owned and operated company can provide efficient care and repair for all foreign and domestic vehicles.

Typical signs to look out for when knowing if your car needs a brake inspection or repair include:

  • The brake pedal is delayed or responding late.
  • Grinding or constant squealing noises occur when braking

When the brake light turns a certain color:

  • Amber. This means that it is detecting issues with the anti-lock brake system
  • Red. This means that it is detecting a system imbalance

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